Radar Integration

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Ogier Scan-360 radar provides perimeter protection over 125,000 square metres with outstanding accuracy. With a 200m range, a Scan-360 radar and Wavestore integration allows for multiple automatic camera slewing and powerful event management.

Key Features

Scan-360 radar has a 200m range, with a single unit protecting an area of over 125,000 square metres

Scan-360 radar has all weather functionality, and works across all terrain type

Automatic PTZ control using Scan-360 event data

Wavestore event integration allows mulitple cameras to be configured for full situational awareness

Continuous communication allows Wavestore to track moving objects with connected cameras and on the map surface

Wavestore post event search allows for indepth analysis of detected objects

Integration diagram

What to order

To enable Ogier Scan-360 Radar Integration with Wavestore’s VMS, please order the following for each Wavestore NVR/HVR:

INT-WS-OGIERRADAR-01 Integration module for communication between Wavestore and OGIER Scan-360 radar system. Order one per Wavestore NVR/HVR.

The Ogier Scan-360 radar integration module is compatible with Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate level channel licences.

If you require any additional assistance, please contact Wavestore via: info@wavestore.com


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