Access Control Integration

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Wavestore’s integration with Feenics provides an intuitive and scalable total security solution, combining high resolution video, clear audio and powerful data with intelligent access control.

Key Features

Combining Wavestore’s intuitive VMS and Feenics’ intelligent access control provides an exceptional solution for video, data and access control management

Make use of the only true ACaaS that was built specifically for the cloud, combined with a scalable and future-proof VMS for highly customisable solutions

Give real-time context to access control events with video which can be expanded on alarm, easily searched, and viewed post-event

One screen, total control – just one operator screen to seamlessly manage events from CCTV, access control and other integrated technology

Customizable event colours and sound for any event on the Live event stream

Customise actions from triggered events, such as when a person of interest presents a token to a specific door reader, which enables any number of actions such as operating third-party components like lights, emailing video clips and alerting security personnel

Integration diagram

What to order

To order Feenics Integration with Wavestore’s VMS, please request the integration module upon placing any license orders:

INT-WS-FEENICS-01 - Integration module for full one-way communication between Wavestore and Digital Barriers. Order one per Wavestore NVR/HVR.

The Feenics integration module is compatible with Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate level channel licenses.

If you require any additional assistance, please contact Wavestore via: info@wavestore.com.


Wavestore Integrates Feenics Brochure