Wavestore WRT-Series Video Server deliver a recording, management and control solution for smaller-sized security and video surveillance projects

Typically, at least 24 network cameras can be connected to each video server, which are supplied pre-installed with Wavestore’s Video Management Software (VMS). Housed in a compact mini-tower case, suitable for desktop or shelf mounting, WRT-Series Video Servers can accommodate a hard drive at a time to provide up to 16TB of storage. This can deliver more than 31 days continuous real-time recording from 24 Full HD cameras in a typical installation.

The WRT-Series has a throughput of up to 300Mbits/sec and comes with dual network interfaces to segregate incoming and outgoing network traffic. The ports can be bonded to provide fault tolerance for perfect performance at all times.

At a glance

Camera channels: Typically 24 IP

Hard drives: Single Hard Drive

Storage capacity: Up to 16TB

IP throughput: Up to 300Mbits/s

Key features

Up to 16TB of Raw Storage

M.2 SATA OS Drive
Intel® 9th Generation Core™ Processor
5-Year Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty
Highly secure VMS embedded into the Linux Operating System (OS)
Fully ONVIF conformant and truly open-platform


Wavestore WRT-Series Datasheet