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Robust monitoring system installed for toll booth network along the Trans-European Motorway

With CCTV cameras being installed along a 700-kilometre section of the Trans-Eurpean motorway from the Greek/Bulgarian border to Ankara in Turkey, there was a requirement for a state-of-the-art digital recording system to sit at the heart of the solution.


Over 1,400 camera inputs and 480 audio channels were installed along the motorway to monitor traffic and record activity both inside and outside of the 300 tollbooths located along the road. Providing safety to employees at the tollbooths and assets, principally cash held in saferooms, was of paramount importance, and as such a total security solution was needed to give operators a view of live events and the ability to search through video data for post-event analysis.


Video and images of the operator and payment counters within tollbooths along with vehicles, licence plates, and drivers, are captured using dome cameras to provide a full picture of the subject and surrounding environment. Additional cameras within control buildings and safe rooms, where money from the tollbooths is sorted, relay time-synchronised images to provide complete situational awareness.

Screen images from the payment system are automatically recorded onto Wavestore recorders which then interface with third-party technologies such as alarm systems, shock detectors, magnetic locks and keypads for the saferooms. CCTV monitors, located in each control room, display all the cameras at that site, whilst a network of Remote Management PC’s are deployed for the highway administration personnel, enabling them to view live or recorded images on any Wavestore recorder in the network and output high-quality images.

The Turkish language is displayed on all buttons and on-screen text of the Wavestore screens, which is one of a range of embedded languages that can be utilised concurrently on the network.


With reliability and intrinsic security being of prime importance for this important project, Wavestore was chosen as the Video Management System provider due to it’s robust Linux operating system which provides security hardening as standard. The system has been operating as effectively now as when it was first deployed, reinforcing Wavestore’s reputation in providing reliable solutions.

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