Wavestore monitoring system for toll booth network

The TransEuropean Motorway required that CCTV cameras installed along a 700-kilometre section from the Greek/Bulgarian border to Ankara in Turkey should be supported by a state-of-the-art digital recording system.


The project required the capability to support over 1,400 camera inputs and480audio channels with the network providing the capability to monitor motorway traffic and record the activity inside and outside the tollbooths. A total of300 tollbooths needed to be monitored with the help of cameras located at each tollbooth site.


Dome cameras capture images of the operator and payment counter as well vehicles, licence plates and drivers. Additional cameras relay images from control buildings and monitor safe rooms where the money from the tollbooths is sorted.

Screen images from the payment system are automatically recorded onto the Wavestorerecorders which interface with alarm systems, shock detectors, magnetic locks and keypads for the saferooms, to record pre and post-event video and audio data.

CCTV monitors, located in each control room, display all the cameras at that site, whilst a network of Remote Management PC’s are deployed for the highway administration personnel, enabling them to view live or recorded images on any Wavestore recorder in the network and output high-quality images.

The Turkish language is displayed on all buttons and on-screen text of the Wavestore screens and is one of a range of embedded languages that can be utilised concurrently on the network.


TheWavestore digital video recording system was chosen for this important project because reliability was considered to be of paramount importance and the Linux operating system utilised by Wavestore was perceived to offer the lowest maintenance solution. The system has been continuously operating since it was installed in 2004, underpinning Wavestore’s reputation for providing reliable solutions.


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