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Wavestore Global Ltd and Ksenia Security Announce Integration Partnership

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May 10, 2023

London, UK - Wavestore Global Ltd, a world-leading manufacturer of video management software (VMS), has announced its integration partnership with Ksenia Security, a leading provider of innovative security solutions. The partnership between the two companies will enable Wavestore VMS customers to integrate Ksenia Access Control systems with their video surveillance systems, providing a comprehensive security solution for their business.

The integration of Ksenia Access Control with Wavestore VMS enables users to view live video and access control events on the same screen, providing real-time situational awareness. The system can be accessed remotely from any location, making it an ideal solution for businesses with multiple sites or remote locations.

The integration between the two systems also allows for the management of access control events and alarms from the Wavestore VMS interface. With Wavestore's 3-click evidential export function, operators can easily stitch together video from time-synchronized events from one or multiple cameras simultaneously into a variety of file formats, and create a storyboard of events with a sequence of cameras, including virtual PTZ control of 360° fisheye cameras.

This integration partnership is a significant development for both Wavestore and Ksenia Security, as it provides their customers with an enhanced level of security, control, and flexibility. The integration between Wavestore VMS and Ksenia Access Control systems enables users to take advantage of the strengths of both systems, providing a complete solution for their security needs.

"We are delighted to announce our integration partnership with Ksenia Security," said Kevin Baldwin, Head of Marketing of Wavestore Global Ltd. "The partnership will provide Wavestore customers with further flexibility and options to implement integrated solutions that meet their needs. We believe that the combination of our video management software and Ksenia’s Access Control is a great way to begin to take advantage of our latest features such as video analytics and trigger events."

"We are excited to partner with Wavestore Global Ltd," said Raffaele Di Crosta, CEO of Ksenia Security. "This integration is a significant development for our customers, providing them with an integrated solution that offers real-time situational awareness and advanced video management capabilities. We believe that this partnership will help us to better serve our customers and meet their evolving security needs."

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About Wavestore Global Ltd

Wavestore Global Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of video management software (VMS) including video analytics. Wavestore has been entrusted to be at the very heart of electronic security solutions all around the world, protecting people, properties and assets across multiple industries. Innovation is at the core of what we do. Our VMS is equipped with a vast number of innovative capabilities, many of which are unique to Wavestore, and which deliver real-world benefits to our customers, who hold us in high regards for our flexibility, scalability, and ease of use.

About Ksenia Security

Ksenia Security is an Italian manufacturing company born in 2010, specialized in the security field; its products are developed to protect and give comfort to residential, commercial and industrial environments. Every activity, from hardware and software to the final design, takes place directly on site, thus embracing the concept of Made in Italy.

The heart of the entire Ksenia system is the control panel lares 4.0: with a single control panel it is possible to enable intrusion protection, well integrated with video verification, smart home and access control capabilities.

lares 4.0 is manufactured for the most severe installation conditions and for the most sensitive applications. It can be programmed thanks to a dedicated web server, without using any software, acting through the Ksenia SecureWeb cloud and the Ksenia Pro App for Installers.

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