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Wavestore at The Security Event (TSE) 2024

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April 8, 2024

The following interview was originally on Security on Screen's TSE 2024 Q&A Series:

Wavestore is a provider of highly secure open-platform Video Management Software, entrusted to be at the very heart of electronic security solutions all around the world, protecting people, properties and assets across multiple industries, the company says. At this year’s TSE event in Birmingham, Wavestore will be showcasing its latest innovations, including new cameras and software features. In this exclusive interview we hear from Managing Director Mark Claxton, all about what visitors can expect.

Why is The Security Event important for Wavestore?

MC: “The Security Event is crucial for us; it’s the perfect timing and forum to reconnect with the industry post-COVID. It’s about reminding everyone that Wavestore, with 21 years in the industry and recent significant investment, is rapidly innovating. We’re here, evolving, and have a lot to share.”

What can visitors expect at your stand? Why visit?

MC: “Many might not fully grasp the capabilities of what we’ve developed. At the show, we’re unveiling new products and features like our advanced facial recognition and analytics. We’re showcasing not just our technology but our vision for the future – addressing cost, efficiency, and the unique benefits of our solution focussed engineering.”

Can we expect any announcements at the show?

MC: “While we’re not focusing on specific announcements, the event will spotlight our latest innovations, including new cameras and software features. More importantly, it’s about the journey Wavestore is on – our direction for the next few years and how we’re shaping the future of security solutions.”

What sets Wavestore apart from competitors?

MC: “Our approach is distinct – sustainability, total cost of ownership, and security are at the forefront of what we offer. Our solutions are designed for efficiency and savings, built on secure, Linux-based systems. Being a Made in Britain accredited manufacturer underscores our commitment to quality and trust.”

What are you looking forward to at the show?

MC: “The chance to engage with our partners and meet new faces is invaluable. It’s about strengthening relationships, understanding needs, and sharing how Wavestore can support their objectives.”

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