Using Wavestore at the heart of a new security application

Wavestore offers the perfect solution for your new project, allowing your system to grow with your business and take advantage of the very latest, as well as future, technology

You may be looking to just install a comprehensive integrated security system or just a video surveillance system. Whatever your requirements are right now, Wavestore can help you design a solution which will exceed, and not just match, your expectations.

Easy to set up and install

Set-up and change camera settings in seconds
Wavestore’s ‘camera group’ set-up feature quickly discovers connected cameras and enables them to be configured so they can start recording in no time at all. Common settings, such as framerate, bitrate and GOP size, can be changed in seconds across camera groups, allowing you to easily attain the perfect settings for your project easily.

Easily add cameras across your system

Expand your system in seconds
Adding cameras could not be any easier with Wavestore. Simply purchase additional licenses at any time, enter the new license key and they are ready to go. Your system won’t suffer any loss of recording and Wavestore will automatically discover and set them up for you.

One screen, total control

Easy to manage with an intuitive GUI
With a ‘one screen, total control’ ethos enabling what could be very complex operations to be undertaken with ease in the most user-friendly way, Wavestore sits at the very heart of a security system and provides a seamless end-to-end experience from a completely open-platform. It combines powerful ‘any source’ video, audio and recording management with deep integration across multiple technologies from a wide range of third-party technology providers.

As your business grows or your operational requirements evolve, Wavestore’s open platform, backwards compatible and future proof Video Management Software (VMS), can easily be scaled and adapted to ensure your security and business goals are met both now and into the future.

More than just a security solution

From reactive to pro-active with a fully integrated solution
Wavestore’s ability to integrate with third-party technology means you can achieve so much more from your video surveillance system. Making use of the growing number and functions of intelligent video analytics, for example, not only helps you keep one step ahead of criminals, but the data captured from analytics such as ANPR, face recognition and people counting, and managed via Wavestore, will provide valuable management information to help you increase productivity, business efficiency and improve the customer experience, as well as your security.

Customisation to meet your needs

Meet your exacting specifications
Much of what Wavestore feature rich VMS has to offer is ready to work out-of-the-box, but we appreciate our end-user clients all have different operational and security requirements. In addition to the existing long list of Wavestore integrations, you can take advantage of our bespoke project-specific integration service to introduce into your solution virtually any device or specialist software that has the functionality you need.

Future Proof

Take advantage of the next big thing
Technology is fast-paced and ever evolving. With Wavestore’s VMS platform at the heart of your security solution, you will never need to worry about obsolescence and can take advantage of the latest innovations as soon as they become available from third-party manufacturers.

Many of the features built into Wavestore have been developed as a direct result of input from system integrators and end-user clients. The ingenuity of our talented team of hardware and software engineers ensures that Wavestore stands out from the crowd by continually improving and adding capability to our VMS. Yet another reason why we can claim that Wavestore is truly future-proof.

Bring sites and technologies together

Centrally view, control and manage your solution
If you have multiple sites with disparate technology, you can bring them all together on a common platform. View any camera from any site on one screen and manage your system remotely, and you can even view on the move, with Wavestore’s WaveView Mobile application.

Flexibility of cameras and technology

'Any video, any format' capability
Wavestore can support practically any type of video feed, making it possible to have any combination of camera types and images displayed on the same screen and recorded at the same time. These include high megapixel, UHD 4K, HD, 360°, fisheye, thermal and analogue cameras, from a host of different manufacturers. Wavestore also supports H.264, MxPEG, JPEG200, MJPEG codecs.

Wavestore is well-known for its pioneering client-side de-warping and interrogation functionality of 360° cameras which is included as standard across all our VMS levels.

Wavestore’s Events & Metadata Engine

Add the power of video to metadata
Wavestore’s Events & Metadata Engine provides you with the ability to configure real-time cause & effect actions based on any number or types of events detected by the devices and sub-systems deployed across your security solution. It also provides powerful post-event metadata search.

Reduced hardware costs

Simplified architecture to improve performance and reduce costs
Wavestore’s all-in-one architecture helps keep hardware costs down. Unlike other commercially available VMS, Wavestore does not require an investment in separate recording, storage and health check servers as all those functions are provided as standard.

What’s more, Wavestore’s proprietary HyperRAID™ offers up to N+5 redundancy and further reduces hardware costs by eliminating the requirement for expensive RAID cards to be used. HyperRAID also provides the ability to include hot-swappable HDDs, ready to automatically take over from any drive in an array that has failed, in order to keep a full array intact.

Wavestore exclusively uses the Linux OS as the platform for the server-side element of our VMS which doesn’t carry any OS cost. This is the part of the system where all data, such as video, audio, metadata and storage, is managed. Our VMS is actually embedded into the Linux OS, rather than being installed as an application. It is therefore there to do one thing and one thing only, which makes it extremely robust, resilient and efficient and we are able to completely optimise it with high security and performance at its core.

Completely scalable and upgradable

Grows with your requirement
Adding cameras and storage capacity could not be any easier with Wavestore. Simply add channels and integrations as required. Wavestore’s WaveView and WaveView Mobile clients are free of cost, so the number of users who access your system can easily grow too.

Wavestore’s VMS is packed with innovative features to enable you to achieve maximum benefit from your investment in your security solution, but the choice of BASE, PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE and ULTIMATE licence levels, means you don’t have to pay for features or levels of functionality you do not currently need.

From Entry to Enterprise

Solutions from 1TB to 2.04PB per server and from one to over 64,700 cameras
Wavestore caters for entry-level systems up to Enterprise level, with advanced features such as Failover, health monitoring, N+5 redundancy, server groups and advanced integrations all available.

Built for business

Technology that makes a difference
Wavestore’s proprietary Large Allocation Storage System (LASS) file system has been designed to deliver robust and reliable storage and to scale, as technology evolves over time.

LASS efficiently stores video from any camera type and does not need to set a limit on the size of images. It is therefore an ideal image storage solution for any camera, including high megapixel cameras which capture 20 megapixels or more. LASS also enables the use of very large storage, and Wavestore currently has options from 1TB per server to 2.04PB per server, with any mix of up to 255 servers grouped together (that’s up to 520.2PB of storage potential in one server group).

Green credentials with EcoStore

Save over 80% hard drive energy
We know that our end-user clients have a responsible attitude towards environmental issues, which is why we developed our EcoStore hard drive management technology, which delivers substantial real-world savings on the total cost of ownership of a video surveillance solution.

EcoStore can save over 80% of a recording solution’s hard drive energy costs by automatically spinning down drives which are not in a read or write state. This also reduces the wear and tear on drives which are usually in constant use and prolongs their lives, as well as delivering huge savings on secondary energy costs, such as air conditioning.

Keep your system up to date for less

Say "no" to expensive recurring contracts
Wavestore’s Upgrade Bundles eliminate upgrade charges that are commonplace in the VMS market. They provide Wavestore’s Partners and end-users with the flexibility to upgrade their Wavestore VMS at any time in order to take advantage of the latest features, integrations and functionality, without being tied into often expensive annual contracts or catch-up penalty charges.

Virtually unlimited scalability, free technical support and a fair commercial proposition means that Wavestore offers peace of mind, as well as maximum flexibility and choice.