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Analytics integrated into Video Management Software provides greater security and in-depth statistics

As advances in technology enable more-informed decisions through analytical data, Wavestore’s Video Management Software (VMS) can utilise this with video data and use such information to create alerts, improve situational awareness, and provide operators with digestible data to inform decisions.


Suspicious behaviour, such as loitering around restricted zones, can be programmed to alert operators as the events unfold using Wavestore’s intuitive event rules engine through singular or multiple event triggers. Alarms can be set to trigger during a trip or fall to prevent further accidents and allow personnel to respond to potential medical situations. Furthermore, individuals running in set areas can trigger a number of responses, from alarms to initiating third-party devices. If an object is abandoned, which could potentially cause a security threat, alarms will trigger and, where a video wall is used, the layout can dynamically change to display both before the event and the live situation. In areas of high security, dwell time and attempted access can be immediately responded to through automatic events such as emailing a clip to a specified operator or activating access control actions. Logical rules can be configured for single or multiple sets of analytics which, when triggered, perform a wide variety of actions, including instigating other integrated technologies.


Video analytics can provide highly detailed information to retailers to assist in their floor planning, marketing efforts, and their ability to meet changing crowd management guidelines. Through people-counting, operators can be alerted when too many individuals are in an area, as well as providing vital information on footfall. This footfall data can further be utilized to create heatmaps of where individuals spend their time in the store and combined with store visitors’ conversion rates per zone to assist in effective stock placement and to improve store experience. Furthermore, flow can be displayed as either directional or as a flow map which can be used to influence marketing tactics. Customer demographics can be determined through specialized cameras integrated into the VMS, and reports produced from this, and staff can be automatically excluded from analysis.

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