Upgrade Bundles

Wavestore’s flexible and optional Upgrade Bundles keep your VMS up to date with the latest features and functionality without entering into expensive annual recurring contracts.

Why purchase Upgrade Bundles?

Innovative new features

Enable the very latest integrations

Enhance system performance

Benefit from improved user-experience

Keep safe with optimized security

How they work

Each new Wavestore license comes complete with two free upgrades to sequential versions. For example, if you buy Wavestore at v6.8 you will receive v6.10 and v6.12 completely free of charge.

If you wish to benefit from additional upgrades simply buy an Upgrade Bundle pack, which gives you a further six subsequent consecutive upgrades. There’s no time limit on these upgrades but, as a guide, that will give a further 18 months coverage.

The best bit is that you can purchase at any time without having to pay catch up fees or enter into an annual contract, putting you in control of your system.

What if I want more than six upgrades?

No problem. Upgrade Bundles are sold in quantities of six so you can add them together. As a guide, three years full coverage will require two Upgrade Bundles totalling 12 upgrades.

What if I want to add more channels to an existing system?

Your Wavestore VMS will automatically work out how many upgrades you have left depending on how many channels you add. You can then decide whether to add another Upgrade Bundle.