Wavestore is well-known for introducing innovative technology to the market, much of which is unique to us and used across all of our VMS products.


Large Allocation Storage System (LASS) is Wavestore’s ultra-robust proprietary file system designed specifically for use in professional security solutions.


Wavestore operates pre-configured security hardening as standard, offering protection from the moment the system is switched on.

Events Engine

Configure real-time cause & effect actions based on any number or type of events detected by the devices and sub-systems deployed across your security solution.


Save up to 80% of hard drive energy costs with Wavestore’s unique hard drive spin down feature.


Intended for mission critical and high security applications where there can be no downtime, failover protects your data in the event of hardware failure on a primary server.


Wavestore’s powerful RAID providing leading throughput and up to N+5 redundancy using standard recording hardware.


Massive single storage solution up to 2.04 Petabytes per server and over 520 Petabytes per server group.

Lip Synchronised Audio

Perfectly synchronised audio from cameras with built-in microphones.


Wavestore’s logarithmic search bar and Smart Search functionality delivers pin-point control of your video.

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