Wavestore and Sateon together provide a best-in-breed solution for video, data and access control management. With Sateon Faces, added integration with Wavestore ensures that when a credential is presented to a reader, it automatically relays a message via the VMS to visually verify the person requiring access matches the identity on record, reducing the likelihood of a stolen credential gaining unauthorised access.

  • Add video to access control events and benefit from real-time, on alarm and easily searchable post-event viewing
  • Ability to customise actions to trigger events, such as when a person of interest presents a token to a specific door reader, any number of actions can be performed thanks to the Wavestore rules engine
  • View video of events in real time, such as access denied
  • Sateon’s Faces modulefacilitates visual verification directlyfrom Wavestore’s WaveView client
  • Visual verification is an excellent means of identifying a threat without the bottleneck and cost of biometric technology or additional security staff
  • Easily search for access control events from any keyword, such as person’s first name, surname or any other database credentials and instantly bring up video and backup using Wavestore’s 3-click evidential export function from associated cameras

To enable Sateon Integration with Wavestore’s VMS, please order the following for each Wavestore NVR/HVR:

INT-WS-SATEON-01 - Integration module for full two-way communication between Wavestore and Sateon. Order one per Wavestore NVR/HVR.

The Sateon integration module is compatible with Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate level channel licenses.