Wavestore. A Year in Review.

James Smith, Managing Director of Wavestore Global Ltd, takes a look back over the past 12 months and explains the reasons behind the British VMS developers recent success.

Our financial year closed at the end of March 2017 and I’m delighted to report that Wavestore has enjoyed phenomenal growth, including record sales into its home market with triple-digit percentage growth over the previous year. During the last period, we’ve moved into new HQ premises, signed up a record number of new customers to our Better Together Partner Programme, opened an office in North America to service the USA and Canada markets, introduced v6 of our award-winning VMS and have successfully won and delivered projects with our Partners across retail, banking, stadia, transport, commercial, oil & gas, hotels, residential, manufacturing and casino markets; to name but a few.

We’d like to thank all our Partners, new and existing, for such an amazing year!

As a truly independent British Video Management Software (VMS) provider, we are passionate about pairing good old fashioned customer service with cutting-edge high technology products and solutions - and this has been the recipe for our recent success. We are very proud of our innovative VMS products and solutions and our Partners can be safe in the knowledge that we’re here to support them whenever they need it with technical support that is provided completely free of charge.

We want to make it easy for our Partners to choose the right Wavestore solution for the job at hand so our VMS is available in three distinct levels, Base, Premium and Enterprise, offering a completely scalable tiered feature set from small video only applications, up to projects that require tens of thousands of channels with a host of other device and sub-system integrations. Our goal is “one screen, total control”, where any degree of overall solution complexity can be easily managed by the user via our WaveView and WaveView mobile applications.

We do not sell our own cameras, advanced analytics or access control products. We focus solely on the development of our highly secure VMS platform to deliver an ever-evolving feature set and ensure compatibility with associated devices and sub-systems from best-in-breed third-party vendors that our Partners most want to use, ensuring that we can meet the ever-changing requirements and demands of today’s total security solutions. Technology moves quickly and we know that end-users don’t like to be tied into proprietary solutions that don’t offer the latest innovations that they need, or be tied into expensive annual recurring fee contracts for support and enhancements. Our aim is to offer the benefits of seamless end-to-end installation and user experience coupled with an open platform approach that is as delightfully flexible as it is cost-effective, which allows the benefits of innovation to be delivered quickly and effectively, safe in the knowledge that we’re here to support when required.

There are many more things that make us stand out from our competitors. From the fastest video recall across even multiple petabytes of data, to our ability to work with the widest variety of camera technologies; we like to make sure our Partners can stay firmly in control of their security solutions.

So, what’s next for Wavestore?

This year is set to be even more exciting than the last! Our Better Together Partner Programme is quickly expanding as more Partners discover how they can win more business by choosing Wavestore. The programme is open to all Systems Integrators and if you want to sign up please simply contact your local Wavestore representative to start enjoying real-world benefits. Our product development also continues at pace and we’ll be introducing a host of new features and services that further enable our ‘one screen, total control’ ethos.

There are many exciting developments planned so if you’re interested in finding out more then why not get in touch to arrange a demonstration and experience the Wavestore difference for yourself?

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