Wavestore Integrates with Vunetrix

The security industry’s leading device detection and performance monitoring software developed by US based Vunetrix, has been integrated with Wavestore’s open platform VMS.

As an industry expert in security system detection, Vunetrix’s mission is to provide security teams access to in-the-moment health and performance insights from any software or hardware device with open communication protocols.

“We are excited to add Wavestore to our growing list of VMS integrations,” said Vince Ornato, President of Vunetrix. “Traditionally, we have used APIs to integrate with manufacturers’ software. In Wavestore’s case, this wasn’t necessary. They have designed their platform to pull camera and service status information directly through SNMP as standard. Not only does this method reduce the number of sensors required, it significantly reduces CPU overhead especially when compared to traditional WMI sources.

“What’s more, Wavestore sensors echo back to our SMART Dashboard with the exact camera/NVR status. Security teams have complete camera status visibility including recording status, movement, lost signal, and blacked out. It can also detect when the NVR requires restarting, and when the recording service needs to be restarted before losing programming changes. Current status information is the most important and relevant information to a security team. We are delighted to discover that this integration provides more relevant data than we have previously retrieved through traditional sources.”

Commenting on the success of the integration between the Wavestore and Vunetrix technologies, Enrico Bizzaro, Head of Integrations at Wavestore said: “ Our VMS enables end-users to be in total control of their integrated electronic security solution as it provides a granular overview of all sensor activity and events. “In this respect, there is considerable synergy between the Wavestore’s ‘One screen/Total control’ approach and the Vunetrix solution which offers instant access to the information they need to know when common network problems such as video loss events and cameras losing connection to the software are happening. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work closely with the Vunetrix team to achieve a high level of interaction between our respective solutions.”

For further information on Vunetrix's SMART dashboard, please visit: www.vunetrix.com


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