Three New Servers

The new rack mounted Q, V and X Series servers, which are available in pure IP or Hybrid versions, are supplied with V6 of Wavestore’s award-winning VMS embedded directly onto their Linux operating systems.

Q-Series 1U rack-mount NVRs and HVRs are designed for medium to large applications that require up to 64 IP channels, with an additional 16 analogue channels available with Hybrid units. They provide up to 24TB of hot-swap storage and deliver up to 600Mbits/s of throughput.

V-Series 2U rack-mount NVRs and HVRs are targeted at large applications which require up to 128 IP licenses or a hybrid combination of 128 IP and 32 analogue channels. They provide up to 72TB of hot-swap storage and up to 1200Mbits/s of throughput.

X-Series 4U NVRs and HVRs are ideal for Enterprise level applications that require up to 254 IP licenses or a hybrid combination of 222 IP and 32 analogue channels. They provide up to 144TB of hot-swap storage and up to 2400Mbits/s throughput.

“The launch of our three new series of servers follows on from the launch of our E-Series servers and P-Series appliances earlier this year,” said Julian Inman, Product Manager for Wavestore. “We now have a hardware line-up that collectively offers robust and reliable recording solutions for virtually any application, from general purpose surveillance, to fully integrated enterprise systems.”

Shared Features

All Wavestore ONVIF compliant appliances and servers offer the benefits of Wavestore’s ‘any video, any format’ philosophy which enables users to benefit from camera technologies and compression formats offered by leading manufacturers. Customisable recording rates can be set per individual channel for both normal and ‘on alarm’ recording and a wide mix of camera technologies are supported, including 360 degree fisheye cameras. In addition, the appliances and servers can be operated remotely via the powerful and intuitive WaveView client software and also by users on the go, using the free WaveView Mobile app.

The potential to integrate with third-party technologies for Access Control, video analytics, intruder alarms and perimeter detection PIDs and sensors, as well as audio, EPoS and transactional text systems, makes it possible to create best-in-breed total security solutions that meet the most exacting specifications for the end-customer.

Available from Wavestore’s network of authorised distributors and integration/reseller partners, the new servers come with the option to upgrade or expand at any time in the future without having to reinstall the software. Users can choose from Base, Premium or Enterprise levels and the exact number of camera licenses required for the application at hand.

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