Real-time data can be obtained from the PALOSSIE AIO devices and used to analyze, evaluate and strategize for better facility management.

  • OPTEX PALOSSIE AIO counting system can analyze traffic, dwell, conversion rates and day/time based trends which can be used to evaluate traffic trends, store space, traffic vs sales, attraction rate, and effectiveness of investment
  • OPTEX PALOSSIE AIO counting system can also be used to strategize facility management during events and enforce safety and energy conservation
  • Accurately tracks complicated movements (people stopping, turning back, crowds)
  • Drive events from people counting triggers, such as alarm if over a certain number of people enter the building
  • Easily bring up recorded video for specific search terms surrounding people counting, such as displaying video for any time a certain number of people, or a range between X and Y, are in the building
  • Ability to trigger automatic responses based on specific events, such as directing PTZ cameras or alerting operators, when user-defined scenarios are met
  • The data is updated in real-time (one minute update) to show current traffic

To enable OPTEXIntegration with Wavestore’s VMS, please order the following for each Wavestore NVR/HVR:

INT-WS-OPTEX-01 - Integration module for full two-way communication between Wavestore and OPTEX. Order one per Wavestore NVR/HVR.

The OPTEX integration module is compatible with Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate level channel licenses.