Global Security

Wavestore sits at the heart of some of the most innovative security projects around the world, providing a fully scalable and open-platform Video Management Software (VMS) solution to protect people, sites and assets across virtually any industry.

Popular industries

Wavestore is a global leader in innovative digital video recording and data management solutions, and the number one British provider of Video Management Software (VMS). From standalone systems to large distributed server networks with tens of thousands of cameras, sensors and analytics options, Wavestore provides intelligent, integrated solutions for any application.

From simple video only applications to complex, large-scale integrated solutions that unify thousands of devices across multiple countries and sites; Wavestore can satisfy your requirements and solve unique vertical market challenges.

Our client list ranges from national governments to industrial corporations and global consumer brands. No wonder that our VMS is often recognised as the world’s most user-friendly yet highly scalable video management platform. Our integrated solutions accommodate all types and sizes of projects, regardless of complexity.

Wavestore products are available from our approved distribution partners across the world. Purchasing Wavestore products through these approved distribution partners entitles you to entry into the Wavestore Better Together Partner Program which has a range of real life benefits for professional security installers and systems integrators.


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