Expanding your existing Wavestore solution

Adding new cameras? Unlocking new functionality? Combining systems onto our platform? Everything you need to know is here.

With Wavestore, having to completely rip out an out of date electronic security system and replace it with something totally new, is a thing of the past. Wavestore has been designed to enable you to expand or upgrade your system, now or at any time in the future in order to take advantage of the latest innovations, or just to simply increase the number of cameras.

Whilst Wavestore is packed as standard with a long list of innovative features to help you achieve maximum benefit from your investment in your security solution, the choice of BASE, PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE and ULTIMATE channel licence levels means you only have to pay for features or levels of functionality you currently need, but can move up a level at any time.

Easily add cameras across your system

Expand your system in seconds
Adding cameras could not be any easier with Wavestore. Simply purchase additional licenses at any time, enter the new license key and they are ready to go. Your system won’t suffer any loss of recording and Wavestore will automatically discover and set them up for you.

Change cameras as often as you like

No requirement to contact Wavestore
If you need to replace a faulty camera or wish to substitute a standard box camera with perhaps the latest generation of 360-degree camera, Wavestore provides the flexibility for you to do so without having to contact us.

Adding additional servers

Up to 255 servers in a single group
You can add additional compatible servers at any time from across Wavestore and third-party offerings. It’s easy to mix and match server sizes and types into a single, easy to manage group to ensure you have the right performance across your entire estate. Any cameras from any server can be viewed by authorised operators on the same screen at the same time with full control.

Adding additional users

Easy to manage systems of any size
Wavestore’s WaveView and WaveView Mobile clients are free of cost, so the number of users who access your system, can easily grow too, What's more, compatibility with LDAP and Active Directory makes it easy to administer larger systems.

Keep up to date with Wavestore Upgrade Bundles

Say "No" to expensive recurring contracts
Wavestore is continually improved and updated to take advantage of the latest advances in technology. It is yet another reason why you can be assured that your Wavestore solution is truly future-proof.

The good news is you can take advantage of the latest versions of Wavestore as and when they are released. Wavestore’s Upgrade Bundles eliminate recurring charges that are commonplace in the VMS market. They provide Wavestore’s Partners and end-users with the flexibility to upgrade their Wavestore VMS without being tied into often expensive annual contracts or catch-up penalty charges.

Backwards compatibility

Looking to upgrade from Wavestore V5 to Wavestore V6?
It’s possible to mix your earlier V5 Wavestore servers with the very latest Wavestore V6 servers using the Wavestore V6 client to seamlessly control your entire solution.

Customisation to meet your needs

Integrating even the most specialist devices and sub-systems
If you have already invested in Wavestore, you will have discovered that much of what our feature rich VMS has to offer is ready to work out-of-the-box. However, in addition to a wide range of existing Wavestore integrations, you can take advantage of our bespoke project-specific integration service to introduce into your solution virtually any device or specialist software that has the functionality you need.

Peace of mind

Buy with confidence
Virtually unlimited scalability, free technical support and a fair commercial proposition, means that Wavestore offers you peace of mind, as well as maximum flexibility and choice.

Your trusted partner

We're here to support you
Do you have an idea on how you would like to expand your system, but are not sure how to achieve it or if it is technically possible?

Your Wavestore account manager and our technical support team are happy to help.