Enhance my existing system with Wavestore

Protect your legacy investment and benefit from using the very latest technology on the same platform with Wavestore

We appreciate our end-user clients at any point in time, all have different operational and security requirements. Whilst some may be looking to invest in a brand-new integrated security electronic solution, others may wish to achieve more from what they already have.

Adding Wavestore to your existing system delivers a platform which can be used to bring in legacy systems, such as analogue cameras, onto a platform that can be added to over time. This protects the investment you have already made in your security solution and unlocks additional value by providing the opportunity to capitalise on the latest technology, such as high resolution IP cameras, and taking advantage of limitless integration possibilities across Access Control, Intruder Detection, Intelligent Video Analytics and much more.

Hybrid Systems

Combine analogue cameras with IP cameras
Wavestore will extend the life of your existing legacy cameras, allowing them to be managed alongside new Full HD, Ultra HD 4K, thermal and 360-degree variants, which you may wish to deploy as part of a hybrid solution. Adding new camera channels takes just seconds.

Wavestore can work with any mix of analogue and IP cameras to form a cost-effective hybrid solution. This can be done via Wavestore’s range of Hybrid Video Recorders (HVRs), or via third-party analogue to IP encoders. The perfect way to migrate from old technology to new, over time.

Your Hybrid Wavestore solution will therefore provide you with the opportunity to squeeze maximum value from your existing analogue cameras by mixing live and recorded views from the latest generation of cameras on the same screen, at the same time.

Integrating with other systems

Create total security solutions
Create a more powerful solution by bringing your disparate devices and systems onto the Wavestore VMS platform. Joining together your existing analogue CCTV with a host of other existing technologies, such as Access Control or Intruder Detection, delivers better situational awareness and allows cause & effect alarm potential with Wavestore’s event & metadata engine. What’s more, you can add in other technology at any time. It’s completely future-proof.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

No recurring contracts and 100% free technical support
Wavestore can replace your current VMS provider with a demonstrable high Return on Investment (ROI). You will not be charged for expensive recurring upgrade contracts which are so commonplace in the market. Coupled with 100% free technical support, you’re in safe hands too.

Supporting budget cycles

Never lose your initial investment
With Wavestore’s VMS platform, you are free to add to your solution at any time. Expansion is easy. Simply add channel licenses, upgrade functionality or add technologies at the best time for you to take advantage of available budget cycles.

Future Proof

Take advantage of the next big thing
Technology is fast-paced and ever evolving. With Wavestore’s VMS platform at the heart of your security solution, you will never need to worry about obsolescence and can take advantage of the latest innovations as soon as they become available from third-party manufacturers.

Bring sites together

Better control of your solution
If you have multiple sites with disparate technology, you can bring them all together on a common platform. View any camera from any site on one screen and manage your system remotely. You can even view on the move with Wavestore’s WaveView Mobile application.


Freedom to innovate
Wavestore is a highly secure open platform VMS which allows you to take advantage of the technology you want, when you want, regardless of who the manufacturer is. Mix and match cameras and technologies across your site, swap out cameras at any time and ensure you have the right devices in the right places, to exactly match your requirements.


Expand your system at any time
Adding cameras and storage capacity at any time is not an issue with Wavestore. Simply add channels and integrations as required. Wavestore’s WaveView client is license-free, so the number of users of your system can easily grow too.

Ease of set-up and use

Easy to introduce into your system
Wavestore’s ‘camera group’ set-up feature quickly discovers connected cameras and enables them to be configured and to start recording in no time at all.

Your Choice

Putting you firmly in control of your solution
Virtually unlimited scalability, free technical support and a commercial proposition that does not involve tying customers into expensive recurring upgrade contracts, means that Wavestore offers peace of mind, as well as maximum flexibility and choice.