Video Management Software

The heart of your solution

From a few cameras up to tens of thousands, the industry-leading Wavestore VMS is ONVIF compliant and provides a user-friendly design that is configurable for any application.

Any Camera

With Wavestore, legacy cameras can be used alongside new installs. Our versatile VMS supports combinations of analogue, IP, megapixel, HD, HD-SDI, thermal, panoramic and 360 degree cameras from virtually all manufacturers, and multi-megapixel cameras from specialist providers.

Any Format

Concurrently process a variety of video formats, including: H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, M-JPEG, JPEG2000 and MxPEG.

Totally Scalable

Wavestore can handle vast amounts of stored video data with failover, and connect to thousands of cameras natively, providing a perfect solution for the world’s largest projects.

Easy to Use

From an intuitive user interface to multiple language support, the Wavestore VMS is simple yet powerful. What's more, camera configuration is quick & easy - a far cry from competitor products.

Search and Export

We know that finding and exporting the video clips you want has to be fast and simple. The Wavestore VMS instantaneously finds and displays images from any point in time from archived data. Export from multiple cameras simultaneously in only three clicks.

Video Alerts

Instantly transmit video clips associated with an event. Automatically organise clips based on pre-set triggers. Annotate any clip and use the data to search later.

360° De-Warping

Our intelligent client de-warping function enables a single 360 degree camera to record a large area, while allowing the operator to dynamically select areas of interest and create multiple pre-set navigable views without compromising on network bandwidth.

The Linux Advantage

Unparalleled Throughput

Compared to Windows architecture, Wavestore (running on a Linux platform) reaches twice the throughput of data. This means that the Wavestore VMS can either record double the number of streams of video, increase the quality of individual streams, or playback more streams at once. This makes the VMS more useful and improves the longevity of the system at installation. 

Fast Restart

Our operating system is designed to restart within a minute. Because Wavestore's VMS is built on Linux, no other process interrupts this, ensuring that even in emergency situations, your solution will be recording again in seconds. 

Return on Investment

Wavestore’s future-proof architecture saves costs year on year, providing a rapid ROI. Power efficiency, a proprietary file system and long product life cycles deliver an elite hardware foundation. Our powerful software is built to enhance usability, enabling users to promptly detect emerging incidents and capitalise on the fastest search and export facilities around.

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