Facial Recognition

Dynamically compare images of individuals from incoming video streams against specific databases and immediately send alerts when a positive match occurs.

Identify, track and compare individuals

Identify, track and compare individuals':

  • Demographic recognition – bio-marketing to assess the age, sex and ethnicity of subjects
  • Access control – use facial biometrics to complement or replace access control systems
  • Security surveillance – create a watch list to raise specific alarms when individuals or suspects are recognised by the system.
  • Forensic analysis – review multiple video streams at 4 / 5 times normal playback speed to search for specific individuals.

Biometric facial recognition technology has evolved rapidly and today is now able to accurately process many faces concurrently from standard network cameras.

Wavestore biometric facial recognition solutions dynamically compare images of individuals from incoming video streams, against specific databases, and immediately sends alerts, when a positive match occurs. Images can be captured using traditional surveillance video cameras, but security staff can also email snapshots from a standard camera or smart phone of suspected lawbreakers and receive an instant photo match with all known data.

Integration with our Wavestore video management software (VMS) increases the performance offered by facial recognition systems, providing not only a static image of the detected person, but also immediate access to live footage, helping security personnel to identify the subject quickly, monitor them via CCTV, and then instigate appropriate action.

Beside capturing and comparing images of suspects for applications in airports, banks, casinos, retail and law enforcement, facial recognition systems can also be deployed to identify customer gender, age range and demographics, allowing retailers to profile their customer base, providing the capability to deliver relevant advertisements in a targeted manner.

Loss prevention departments are also employing facial recognition systems to identify known offenders or to register suspects and have the ability to automatically compare the images with watch lists in order that the appropriate action can be promptly taken. Facial recognition systems also enable staff to be aware of important individuals (VIPs) and respond in an appropriate manner.

Bio-metric fingerprint, Iris scanning and facial recognition can also be used as a secure form of access-control, reducing the risk of lost or stolen I.D. cards being misused. Integration with the Wavestore VMS facilitates video based alerts, allowing security staff to double check live video streams when specific events occur.

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