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People Counting

    The Wavestore people counting solutions provide reliable and consistent data, delivering accurate metrics that can be used to efficiently monitor people flow, schedule employee rotas, organise specific marketing promotions, improving customer and employees satisfaction and sales performance, whilst minimising labour and marketing investment. When the people counting solution is applied across all stores in a chain or in a shopping centre, the impact can be significant as it enables creation of operational policy, developing best working practices.

    The Wavestore integration with people counting solutions delivers a discreet video technology that captures, transforms, and analyses customer activity data, converting it into actual business data, providing timely fact-based insights into the customer experience, and arming management to make faster, clearer decisions that drive profitable sales growth.

    In a store, for example, when an alarm is triggered, relevant staff can be alerted to respond to various events; in a train station, if the maximum number of people allowed on the platform or in the booking hall has been reached, an alarm will be triggered and the appropriate actions taken; in an airport, when the queue at the custom control has become too long, operations department can respond by opening additional lanes; or in a club, when the maximum permitted number of people have been admitted, access is denied, avoiding potentially dangerous situations due to overcrowding and maintaining the club complaint with its local approval certificate.

    Wavestore people counting solutions whether integrated with the Wavestore video management software (VMS) or independent, provide you with all of the data that you need to completely and accurately ascertain true service performance.

  • + Count once how many people enter areas with paths crossing the enter line in the correct direction (pass and exclude capabilities are also available)

  • + Track people analysing movements, hot spots, collisions and pinch points, creating real time dwell maps

  • + Alert when a predefined maximum number of people have entered the monitored area

  • + Analyse congestion and crowd formation

  • + Compare people arrivals with sales data for conversion performance (store to store comparisons are also available)

  • + Monitor passing traffic

  • + Identify wrong direction traffic

  • + Identify adult from children and shopping trolleys from buggies

  • + Apply velocity filter

  • + Provide number of customers waiting in a queue and actual seconds a customer spends waiting in the queue

  • + Provide service times; number of inactive open service points, number of open service points considered out of compliance during a specified time period, number of open service points required to meet a service objective model

  • + High accuracy in high volumes (18,000 people/hour)

  • The Wavestore people counting solution offers extensive reporting capabilities, delivering a clear understanding of the entire chain, area or specific store performance levels. Mobile interactive reports are also available to provide proactive alerts and daily operational reports. Reports can be accessed through a secure web portal, standard business intelligence tool or as a feed into existing reporting systems, which means authorised staff can easily and quickly access relevant store service information, where and when they need it.

    Whether your requirement is driven by health and safety legislation, the need to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction, or by the need to measure accurate store performance, contact us to discover how the Wavestore people counting solutions can respond to your requirements.

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