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Facial Recognition

    Wavestore biometric facial recognition software solutions dynamically compare images of individuals from incoming video streams against specific databases and immediately send alerts when a positive match occurs. Images can be captured using traditional surveillance video cameras, but also SLR cameras with a wireless card or smart phones; security staff can in fact email snapshots from smart phone of suspected lawbreakers and receive an instant photo match with all known data.

    Biometric facial recognition technology has evolved rapidly and today is now able to accurately process many faces concurrently from standard network cameras.

    The deep integration with the Wavestore video management software (VMS) increases notably the performance offered by facial recognition systems, providing not only a static image of the detected person, but also live footage that can help the security personnel to quickly identify the subject.

    Beside capturing and comparing images of suspects for applications in airports, banks, casinos and law enforcement, facial recognition systems can also be deployed to identify customer gender, age range and demographics, providing the capability to deliver relevant advertisements in a targeted manner. Furthermore in exclusive environments a biometric facial recognition system enables the staff to be aware of important individuals (VIPs) and respond in an appropriate manner. Loss prevention departments are also employing facial recognition systems to identify known offenders or to register suspects and have the ability to automatically compare the images with watch lists in order that the appropriate action can be promptly taken.

  • + Count once how many people enter areas with paths crossing the enter line in the correct direction (pass and exclude capabilities are also available)

  • + Up to 1 million facial comparisons per second

  • + Up to 20 simultaneous facial recognitions without delay

  • + Operate up to 30 meters from subject

  • + Fully featured mobile facial recognition system

  • + Allowance for whitelists and blacklists

  • + Work on partial occlusions or rotation of the face, glasses, beards, scarves, caps, shadows, and extreme lighting conditions

  • + Individual images can be enrolled from previous digital records or captured in real time

  • Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your facial recognition requirements and the opportunity of a live demonstration at your convenience.

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