Customer Tracking & Product Interaction

Integrate with advanced retail analytics utilities to minimise loss prevention, improve operational performance and increase sales revenues.

Minimise loss, improve performance

  • Identify hotspots and coldspots for customer flow and shelf interaction
  • Optimise in-store product display placement
  • Assess the impact of store modifications or layout changes
  • Compare the effectiveness of different store layouts
  • Place high margin products in retail hotspots
  • Highlight the impact of effective signage

Intelligent retail analytic solutions deliver key insights into every element of retail store shopper activity, allowing retailers to make smarter decisions in order to acquire, convert and retain more customers.

The solutions tie together leading-edge sensors, intelligent appliances, software, analytics and reporting solutions to enhance business performance. This provides a sophisticated approach managing the retail environment by tracking and measuring consumer interaction and engagement. The result of applying the data to your business is higher returns on infrastructure, human resource and marketing investments, through improved visitor-to customer sales conversion rates.

This combined solution follows the visitor upon entering around the store interacting with the merchandise. In the store, both standard cameras and our 360 cameras omnidirectional cameras can be combined allowing the shopper tracking system to work, using the very latest in vision systems. Staff lanyards can be used to ensure that staff movement does not affect the customer flow data, and can also help the system to spot staff customer interaction.

From analysing customer flow within the entire store, to identifying customer interaction with specific shelves, Wavestore allows you to dual purpose your video cameras allowing standard video streams to be viewed by your security team, whilst generating valuable data for your marketing and operations teams.

By measuring and managing your customers’ journey, your can direct customer flow and position key products to maximise sales whilst reducing bottlenecks and improving customer service. Using customer flow and product interaction data can help you increase conversion rates and average basket size.

Using this technology can help you to assess the impact of new store models and technology on the way in which customers act within the store, before rolling out these concepts to your wider retail estate.

Customer tracking and heat-maps help you to create the best value from every square foot of retail space.

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