Crowd Analysis

Use analytics to conduct a real-time assessment of crowd dynamics to inform policing and improve public safety.

  • Monitoring crowds and spotting dangerous patterns
  • Real-time analysis – even in dense crowds
  • Automatically identify crowd patterns, flow and anomalies
  • Alerts based on specific crowd features.

At live events, demonstrations, stations and in city centres people frequently spend their time in crowded environments. Unfortunately, crowd behaviour often leads to disaster caused by mismanagement, emergency evacuations, stampedes or specific factions within the crowd leading to people being crushed, seriously injured or killed.

Local Authorities, venue operators, event managers and the police are responsible for managing crowd risks, and for ensuring crowd safety by assessing crowd flow and behaviour effectively.

Crowd Analysis offers the ability to monitor areas with large density of persons providing real-time site data on volume and activity within the crowd. Decisions can now be made and justified based on the actual current crowd metrics, rather than assumptions or estimates. Integration with the Wavestore VMS enables an instantaneous alert with recording for the incident as it happens - the Crowd Analysis solution identifies the area of concern, providing strategic information for command analysis. Periodic reporting (including visualisations of live trends, exception reports and end-of-day summaries) also allows planning for subsequent days or future events to be improved.

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