Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Analyse the essential metrics for traffic management with Wavestore's deep integration with leading numberplate recognition systems.

Essential metrics for traffic management & enforcement

  • Recording registration plate numbers
  • Vehicle speed monitoring
  • Traffic flow monitoring
  • Vehicle counting
  • Parking & toll access
  • Vehicle traffic contraventions alarms

Wavestore video management solutions are able to support various license plate recognition systems (LPR/ANPR) to fulfil a wide range of applications, from small standalone solutions up to large integrated systems.

The license plate recognition systems offered by Wavestore are based on proven technologies providing innovative identification algorithms for traffic surveillance (law enforcement), toll collection, traffic management and for any applications where accuracy, speed and automation are essential.

Precise traffic analysis and custom reports can be specified to build a comprehensive database of traffic movement;

  • Pinpoint traffic peaks,
  • improve bus lane, cycle lane, no stopping, box junctions or red light enforcement
  • enable automatic access control procedures
  • increase safety by enforcing parking limitations outside schools
  • support weigh-in-motion systems,
  • address vehicle theft
  • increase efficiency within border control, airport and harbour logistics.

For car parking access control management, Wavestore supports license plate recognition (LPR) solutions for controlled and automatic vehicle entry and exit systems, providing accurate information about car park usage and vehicle overstays, whilst improving security for both car park operators and car park users by identifying .vehicles that have been black-listed by the system administrator or by another organisation.

The Wavestore integration with these license plate recognition solutions enables seamless support for large camera networks with various event detection algorithms located on board of each camera, providing the operator with the capability to manage hundreds of cameras and data inputs from a single and easy to operate user interface.

For some applications there is a requirement to deliver more than ANPR detection. For example in terms of Moving traffic enforcement (e.g.banned right or left turns, no entries, blocking a yellow box junction, going the wrong way in a one way street and illegal U turns) additional intelligence is required to track the vehicle through the camera scene and trigger an alert according to a specified rule set. Once the rule set is triggered ANPR detection is enabled to capture the VRM details and compile an evidence pack for subsequent review before a ticket is issued. One of our partners Videalert provides a unique intelligent Video platform for combining Video Analytics and ANPR to support the full range of application scenarios further future proofing the customer's investment.

Another example of where this can help is outside Schools. More than 1,000 children are injured on roads around British schools every month.

Using Wavestore integration with 'Videalert' systems to monitor restricted parking zones and cycle lanes near schools can help to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities by stopping drivers from contravening traffic rules outside schools.

Using 'Videalert', the system can provide a fully automated unattended PTZ “stopped vehicle capture" feature. This combination of video analytics and number-plate recognition technology gives the PTZ camera is given a “watch zone" and if a vehicle stays in the zone for more than the “watch time", the software automatically zooms in and out, getting a perfect view of the number-plate, general context and any enforcement signs. Video for the relevant minutes can be automatically recorded, packaged and sent through to the relevant people. In addition the same system can be used to capture the video outside enforcement times and should an incident occur be subsequently reviewed to identify the circumstances and if applicable, any suspect persons involved.

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