Process Control Solutions

A remote monitoring capability twinned with intelligent analytics enables manufacturers to deliver quality control and technical compliance at scale. Our process control solutions have been relied upon by industry leading manufacturers for many years.

Why Wavestore?

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Remote Access

Minimise local autonomy with remote access. Control your system from anywhere, and react to threats quickly and easily.

Any Camera Type

Record and manage virtually any combination of analogue, IP, megapixel, HD, HD-SDI, thermal, panoramic and 360 degree cameras.

Rapid Response

Instantaneously find and display images from any point in time from archived data. Export from multiple cameras simultaneously in only three clicks.

Total Field of View

Our market-leading client technology instantaneously records, de-warps and created fully navigable, customisable views.

Integration opportunities

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Sensors and Detection

Straightforward integration with a wide range of sensors, access control systems, PIDs and command & control components.

Object Detection

Real-world object detection enables users to capture data on human behaviour, improve operational performance and combat the threat of terrorism.

Case Study: Jaguar Land Rover

Wavestore provides a process control solution for Jaguar Land Rover, enabling the safe movement of heavy production machinery by crane.

A network of cameras is used to monitor lifting space for human traffic, which faces the threat of large moving objects. Partnering with DT Engineering, Wavestore developed a system which automatically disables crane activity once human presence is detected inside a designated zone. The mechanism is also used as a quality control procedure and footage from the cameras serve as a useful training aid.

“The perfect partnership to develop cutting edge technology”

Gerry Weston, Director at DT Engineering

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