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Wavestore's video surveillance systems are robustly effective regardless of weather, light conditions and port traffic. Our video recording and management software integrates seamlessly with Container Code Recognition analytics and supports an extensive range of weatherproof equipment. Wavestore solutions enable port authorities to constantly monitor activity and react to any incident.

Why Wavestore?

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Configure camera layouts by size, format and position. Simultaneously display multiple live and archived images on the main user interface.


Effective in all scenarios - from small shops to entire countries. Our largest current project include almost 2,000 servers and over 40,000 cameras.

Any Camera Type

Record and manage virtually any combination of analogue, IP, megapixel, HD, HD-SDI, thermal, panoramic and 360 degree cameras.

Rapid Response

Instantaneously find and display images from any point in time from archived data. Export from multiple cameras simultaneously in only three clicks.

Integration opportunities

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Sensors and Detection

Straightforward integration with a wide range of sensors, access control systems, PIDs and command & control components.

Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR)

Utilise advanced code identification and tracking capabilities to inform logistical management, border control and container surveillance programmes.

Object Detection

Real-world object detection enables users to capture data on human behaviour, improve operational performance and combat the threat of terrorism.

Case Study: Port of Spain, Trinidad

Trinidad Port, Spain, asked Wavestore to improve the efficiency and security of their video system.

After experiencing a number of transaction issues with container shipments that were passing through the port, Trinidad Port needed a solution. They turned to the Wavestore VMS to offer a secure, reliable and powerful solution. The installation composed of high performance Panasonic (NTSC standard) cameras strategically installed around the port. A network of Wavestore digital video recorders were configured in a cellular structure to cater for system redundancy and scalability.

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“Wavestore is the perfect match – we wouldn’t choose anything else”

Michael Bird, Andromica Video Systems

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