Oil, Gas & Renewables Solutions

Large area environments which include mission critical and costly assets require a scalable security solution with a remote monitoring capability. Wavestore solutions for the energy sector combine unbeatable system performance with a wide range of video analytics options to protect valuable infrastructure.

Why Wavestore?

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Remote Access

Minimise local autonomy with remote access. Control your system from anywhere, and react to threats quickly and easily.


Effective in all scenarios - from small shops to entire countries. Our largest current project include almost 2,000 servers and over 40,000 cameras.

Rapid Response

Instantaneously find and display images from any point in time from archived data. Export from multiple cameras simultaneously in only three clicks.

Incident Management

Stay in control with video alerts, annotations and trigger which allow users to effectively manage live and archived footage.

Integration opportunities

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Sensors and Detection

Straightforward integration with a wide range of sensors, access control systems, PIDs and command & control components.

Object Detection

Real-world object detection enables users to capture data on human behaviour, improve operational performance and combat the threat of terrorism.

Case Study: Kuwait Oil Company

Wavestore was selected to provide a high-performance video management solution to cover the entire extraction and production process of the world's fourth-largest oil exporter.

The project included a large number of assets, including wells, pumping stations and control suites over 93 separate geographical areas, with 2,500 cameras. The security operation was monitored and controlled at a central station, utilising Wavestore's highly reliable remote monitoring utility.

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