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Hospitals strive to create an open, friendly and caring atmosphere for patients whilst maintaining a zero tolerance policy towards aggression, theft or vandalism. Wavestore's open platform video recording and management solutions are specified worldwide to sit at the heart of hospital video surveillance systems.

Why Wavestore?

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Incident Management

Stay in control with video alerts, annotations and trigger which allow users to effectively manage live and archived footage.

Rapid Response

Instantaneously find and display images from any point in time from archived data. Export from multiple cameras simultaneously in only three clicks.

Total Field of View

Our market-leading client technology instantaneously records, de-warps and created fully navigable, customisable views.

Interface with ultra-high-quality cameras

Spot suspect behaviour quickly and easily with high resolution camera hardware. Wavestore integrates seamlessly with the best cameras.

Integration opportunities

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Case Study: West Suffolk Hospital

Wavestore was selected to provide a video management solution to The West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust to help combat crime in its A&E department, nursing wards and car park areas.

Following the hospital's determination to exercise a zero tolerance policy to any criminal activity -including theft and malicious damage to property and equipment- the existing analogue system was upgraded to cover a greater area. The upgrade included an expansion of storage in 'Rock' enterprise-level recorders, and the introduction of new IP video cameras.

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“We had always been impressed with the very fast search and evidence back-up functions”

Jim Pretty, West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust

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